Of Control, Frugality & Security

Security, Frugality, and Patience — ever since the dawn of time, we have done everything in our means not to lose control of this certainty. Having the ability to control all possible aspects of our life would be a nice present wrapped in a neat little bow. Absolute control is an oxymoron, or at least it was.

Brief History of Intelligent Machines

Since the late 20th century, we have had evermore control than before. The concept of intelligent machines goes back to the 18th century, referred to as Analytical Engines.

Alan Turing’s groundbreaking publication in 1950, “Computation Machinery and Intelligence,” introduced the Turing test [1] and shaped the world of Artificial Intelligence as we know it today.

The late 20th century saw advances in Algorithms, Neural Networks, and Bell Labs saw the first practical use of Neural Network during the 1989s. The post is not doing justice to countless individuals who had devoted years of their lives to this pursuit. We have made advances in hardware, enabling the arduous toils of many theoreticians to come alive.

Our tools ensure road safety. Navigate with a sense of complacency that you are in control whether your are Carrier or a Broker.
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Frugality. Security. What do they have in common? Control — and we talked about it being an oxymoron, remember? But individuals and organizations together can control essential aspects of our modern-day lives.

Control over road safety, a decent quality of our lives. When Individuals and organizations work together, they accomplish extraordinary things and build the tools we so desperately need to have the control we rightly deserve.

We Are The Tools We Build

We are the tools we build and wield. Our ancestors made spears and arrows — for the very reason we do. Security & Frugality from tribes and predators. While saber-tooth tigers aren’t are much of a threat right now. We still build tools for the very same reason.

Swinging a spear and bow will probably get you a felony charge in this day and age. As we evolve, our problems tend to get worse. Suddenly we are faced with the fact that we require new tools to adapt and survive.

Big Data and Datasets are terrifying worlds these days. Not our fault, with big-tech controlling our lives constantly. It’s all scary. But it’s also the biggest advantage we posses in order to finally build the tools of our age.

FreightMatric.com’s tools ensure road safety and control over people’s lives to make it easier. To navigate with a sense of complacency that you are in control and whether Freight Carrier looking for a trustworthy Broker. Or a Shipper who’s in search of a Freight Broker who uses Freightmatric’s data-driven tools to rank and search Freight Carriers.


[1] A.M. Turing “Computing Machinery and Intelligence.” Mind 59, no. 236 (1950): 433 – 460.

Ensuring Better Freight

Ensuring Better Freight

The post discusses  Federal  Motor  Carrier  Safety  Administration, although it’s not explicitly about  FMCSA. The blog post discusses freight carriers and freight brokers’ hurdles to get their job done. And later in the post, it proposes a  plan that resolves the issue for both carriers and brokers.

What is the problem?

FMCSA has hundreds of thousands of records. Filtering through FMCSA’s records is a challenge. We have sixty thousand brokers and over one million trucking companies. The unprecedented amount of Information does little good If an Individual has no tools to filter through the data. A  recent article  [1] published by  MIT  found that primary  Machine Learning datasets have tens of thousands of errors.

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The Resolution

Most datasets are noisy, François Chollet, author of Deep Learning with Python and long term contributor of Keras, quoted leveraging the right dataset and productively leveraging it in your product is the hardest thing [2].

That is where FreightMatric.com comes in, considering all datasets. After cleaning the datasets, we create a bridge between Brokers and Carriers, strengthening their connection. Freightmatric.com does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, all while making sure Carriers and Brokers find the perfect match within seconds.


[1] Major ML datasets have tens of thousands of errors
[2] On Datasets & Productively Leveraging in your product.